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inactiveTopic Closures in Python
started 12/25/2000; 7:59:40 PM - last post 12/25/2000; 7:59:40 PM
Chris Rathman - Closures in Python  blueArrow
12/25/2000; 7:59:40 PM (reads: 2691, responses: 0)
Closures in Python
Python is one of my favorite languages but the lack of proper closures is an obvious sore point. NeelK says they are coming and cites a proposal for Statically Nested Scopes.

Ok, it's too late for Santa to deliver this year, but I'm hoping that the New Year brings true closures to Python (and contrary to a recent thread in comp.lang.python, the language does not have a proper notion of closures).
Posted to Python by Chris Rathman on 12/25/00; 8:00:13 PM