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inactiveTopic Lisp will never make it to mainstream...
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Isaac Gouy - Lisp will never make it to mainstream...  blueArrow
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"Smalltalk, Lisp, Eiffel will never make it to mainstream ... "

The Genghis Khan Observation: If a language does not make it to mainstream in nine years, it never will.

Mainstream in the sense of Fortran and Cobol during the mainframe years, Pascal and Basic in the PC character mode era, C++ and VB when GUI became popular, and now Java.

There is now nothing that proponents of Lisp, Eiffel, Smalltalk, to name a few pretenders, can do to change the (mis)fortunes of their languages.

A language that is sufficient to solve the general problems of the day that requires the least amount of mental effort has the potential to become the mainstream language.

Average is best. (This is in contrast to R P Gabriel's "Worse is better.")

Nor is there any future event in computing or in the industry that will spur the resurrection of any of these niche-ly buried languages. Cheap blinding fast processors and massive storage space, or new and more powerful and efficient computational algorithms that will solve existing and new problems will just breed a new language.

Languages are easy to build. Prejudices and mispercentions against them are near impossible to eradicate.