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inactiveTopic C# standardization moves ahead
started 10/11/2002; 8:56:15 AM - last post 10/11/2002; 8:56:15 AM
Ehud Lamm - C# standardization moves ahead  blueArrow
10/11/2002; 8:56:15 AM (reads: 441, responses: 0)
C# standardization moves ahead
Last week, an ISO subcommittee cleared the way for final ratification by the full ISO of C# and the required underpinnings called the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), said John Montgomery, group product manager for the .Net Developer Platform at Microsoft. The move from ECMA to ISO is made possible by a "fast track" agreement between the two groups; Hewlett-Packard and Intel also are supporting the effort, Montgomery said.

This may become an important factor. The phrase "ISO standard" has such a nice ring to it.

However, it worth keeping in mind that Ada95 was an ISO standard OOP language, before C++ was standardized. Much good did it do us..

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