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inactiveTopic So long, Ada
started 12/30/2000; 7:57:47 AM - last post 12/30/2000; 9:20:31 AM
andrew cooke - So long, Ada  blueArrow
12/30/2000; 7:57:47 AM (reads: 377, responses: 1)
So long, Ada
...Ada is increasingly becoming a niche market inherently characterized by high costs, low demand, and lack of innovation...

Seen at elj.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: So long, Ada  blueArrow
12/30/2000; 9:20:31 AM (reads: 376, responses: 0)
As you might imagine, guy over at comp.lang.ada didn't like this all to much. Read what they had to say, and the letter to the editor.

I haven't read the article yet, but the quote above is contrary to what I experience. Esp. as regards costs (GNAT is a great compiler, and free) and innovation (see the JVM compilers, free code available on the Net, etc. etc.)