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inactiveTopic Erlang in Large Scale Software Design
started 10/23/2002; 1:10:52 AM - last post 10/23/2002; 1:10:52 AM
Francesco Cesarini - Erlang in Large Scale Software Design  blueArrow
10/23/2002; 1:10:52 AM (reads: 160, responses: 0)
I just put online my Master's Thesis on the use of FP in large scale industrial applications, a topic that has often been discussed on this site. I analyse how standardised management protocols influenced the software architecture of three projects, and what can be done to avoid this influence.

What is interesting is that these were some of the first large scale Erlang projects ever written. Even if Erlang had been around for some time, they took the language where it had never been before. It was a steep learning curve even for the most experienced. You ask us working with the systems back then, and we would all that we would do it completely differently.

One of the projects is the ANX, Ericsson's ADSL solution, another one is the AXD301 ATM switch. Both started in late 1995. For those of you interested in large-scale functional software design, remote network management, telecom systems or Erlang, it will hopefully make some interesting reading.

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