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inactiveTopic The Dada Engine
started 10/29/2002; 2:47:22 AM - last post 10/29/2002; 10:20:27 AM
Cimarron Taylor - The Dada Engine  blueArrow
10/29/2002; 2:47:22 AM (reads: 308, responses: 1)
The Dada Engine is a system for the generation of text from a specification. The specification is a text file containing rules in the form of a (somewhat augmented and/or bogotified) grammar. These files are fed to the Dada Engine, which handles (or evaluates) them and emits the resulting text.

The Dada Engine is based on the principle of recursive transition networks, or recursive grammars. This looks like a useful test generation tool.

Noel Welsh - Re: The Dada Engine  blueArrow
10/29/2002; 10:20:27 AM (reads: 359, responses: 0)
Or for generating postmodernist babble perhaps!?