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Bryn Keller - Moby  blueArrow
10/31/2002; 2:58:05 PM (reads: 1226, responses: 0)
Moby is an experiment in language design and implementation. Our goal is to combine support for class-based object-oriented programming and higher-order concurrency with the desirable features of ML-like languages: advanced module systems, parametric polymorphism, inductive datatypes, pattern matching, and first-class functions. The Moby project started out as a testbed for the design of ML2000.

Moby is primarily a collaboration between Kathleen Fisher and John Reppy. Much of the work on Moby was done while John Reppy was an MTS at Bell Labs in the Computing Sciences Research Center.

Thought we'd discussed this here before, but I can't seem to find it in the searches. The Moby site seems to be be showing some new signs of growth, including a downloads page which mentions the compiler's implementation language (SML/NJ), though you still can't actually download the compiler. For a long time the Moby page just said "we're working on a compiler" without being more specific, so maybe this is progress.

I haven't had time to read any of the papers on the site, but there are several. Thought we ought to have a reference to the site here on LTU even if it's perhaps a bit premature.
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