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Luke Gorrie - A Free Implementation of CLIM  blueArrow
11/1/2002; 12:28:32 AM (reads: 1704, responses: 0)
A Free Implementation of CLIM
McCLIM is a free implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager, or CLIM, specification. In this paper we review the distinguishing features of CLIM, describe the McCLIM implementation, and recount some of the history of the McCLIM effort, give a status report, and contemplate future directions.

A paper about McCLIM from the International Lisp Conference 2002.

This is exciting because it's a major piece of the fabled Lisp Machine functionality (the user interface) being implemented as free software for widely available platforms.

I've been playing with McCLIM on Linux with CMUCL for a while, and it seems to be progressing very well.

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