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inactiveTopic Sugar project?
started 11/1/2002; 12:34:23 PM - last post 11/2/2002; 5:47:28 AM
Ed Heil - Sugar project?  blueArrow
11/1/2002; 12:34:23 PM (reads: 254, responses: 2)
Anyone know what happened to -- or have a copy of -- the Sugar project, which was a hack to Scheme which let you use Pythonesque indentation syntax?

It was at

Darius Bacon - Re: Sugar project?  blueArrow
11/2/2002; 2:48:39 AM (reads: 268, responses: 1)
I have a copy dated from 2000. I've bundled it together with two other independent attempts at the same sort of thing (one of them by me) at

So far the main value in these hacks has been to gain a better understanding of why Lisp syntax is so nice, imho. Also they can show really clearly what people mean when they say the parentheses are invisible, by actually removing them.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Sugar project?  blueArrow
11/2/2002; 5:47:28 AM (reads: 292, responses: 0)
Another example. I was playing with the Luhn algorithm. I wanted to use the Python implementation. Alas, when I copied and pasted from the webpage (there was no file to download) indentation was not preserved, and Python didn't accept the script (nor did it what to reident the code). The Scheme version worked just find, of course. And DrScheme idented it perfectly.