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inactiveTopic Where to learn programming-related math?
started 11/3/2002; 8:20:45 AM - last post 11/6/2002; 6:55:02 AM
Tj - Where to learn programming-related math?  blueArrow
11/3/2002; 8:20:45 AM (reads: 307, responses: 3)
As I've gone up from Java to CS, I've noticed that at each step everything is more generalized. I even feel that CS concepts suffer from too much specialization; that much of it is the study of special forms that crop up and their performance characteristics.

Would anyone like to suggest a place where I can find more about the math of it all? Is it category theory I should look at, or are there a few fields I need to read up upon? And most importantly I'd be looking for books that are elementary, like Spivak's Calculus or Dummit/Foote's Abstract Algebra are considered to be.

Thanks for any pointers, my company might be going bankrupt, so I'd be having some time and fun to learn. I've always found there was an elegant worldview that would have saved me much stress.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Where to learn programming-related math?  blueArrow
11/4/2002; 8:08:49 AM (reads: 322, responses: 0)
If you're really interested in Math Concrete Mathematics: A Foundation for Computer Science

Ehud Lamm - Re: Where to learn programming-related math?  blueArrow
11/5/2002; 12:34:28 AM (reads: 305, responses: 0)
You need many different kinds of math.

It seems you might enjoy The Algebra of Programming.

Frank Atanassow - Re: Where to learn programming-related math?  blueArrow
11/6/2002; 6:55:02 AM (reads: 279, responses: 0)
I maintain a collection of online programming language theory texts:

PLT Online