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started 11/7/2002; 2:39:47 AM - last post 11/12/2002; 4:48:50 AM
Luke Gorrie - LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/7/2002; 2:39:47 AM (reads: 1257, responses: 9)
LL2 Webcast
The Lightweight Languages 2002 conference (reported previously) will be Webcast live on the 'net. The videos will also be made available on the conference webside afterwards, for those who can't tune in live.
Posted to general by Luke Gorrie on 11/7/02; 2:42:16 AM

Ehud Lamm - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/9/2002; 7:09:46 AM (reads: 994, responses: 0)
LL2 just started... Tune in!

Patrick Logan - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/9/2002; 7:15:51 AM (reads: 990, responses: 0)
Got it. Raining outside. Nice day to be in front of the tube.

Luke Gorrie - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/9/2002; 9:45:36 AM (reads: 978, responses: 1)
RealPlayer on Linux really sucks :-)

Ehud Lamm - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/9/2002; 11:25:09 AM (reads: 1019, responses: 0)
Todd Proebsting, Disruptive Programming Language Technologies (older but quite similar slides)

Juri Pakaste - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/10/2002; 2:29:41 AM (reads: 930, responses: 0)
Oh man - the lectures look interesting but viewing them is sure a pain. RealPlayer is no pleasure and especially distributing them via an RTSP server makes it impossible to download them first and view them after that, with a not-very-consistent internet connection the stream is skipping and halting all the time.

For next year, how's about just distributing MPEGs, one per lecture? Please? :-)

Jay Han - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/11/2002; 2:11:14 PM (reads: 857, responses: 0)
Matz's definition of LL is very interesting: Lightweight language = language that requires less brain power! A very entertaining and enlightening talk. (Other good ones I liked include Armstrong on Erlang/COP and Proebsting's).

Kimberley Burchett - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/11/2002; 2:51:03 PM (reads: 877, responses: 2)
I thought Matz's definition was especially interesting in that it was about how much brain power you need to use over time. Usually when people measure these things, they talk about the slope of the learning curve, not the area under the curve over time. I think the latter is a much more useful metric, as it avoids dumbing down a language, while also avoiding insurmountable "peaks".

Adewale Oshineye - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/12/2002; 3:56:38 AM (reads: 872, responses: 1)
This Advogato diary entry is from Itamar Shtull-Trauring who was one of the people there. The most interesting thing is his critique of the asynchronous exceptions in python idea. Hopefully the slides for this talk will be up soon.

Ehud Lamm - Re: LL2 Webcast  blueArrow
11/12/2002; 4:48:50 AM (reads: 938, responses: 0)
Yes, that did look intruiging. You may want to look at the work on async exceptions in Haskell (somewhere on the LtU archives).