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inactiveTopic Add citeseer to mozilla
started 11/8/2002; 1:33:49 AM - last post 11/9/2002; 8:23:57 AM
Florian Hars - Add citeseer to mozilla  blueArrow
11/8/2002; 1:33:49 AM (reads: 318, responses: 1)
Not strictly language related, but maybe useful for some people round here:

1. Get

2. Get

3. Put both into /usr/local/mozilla/searchplugins/ (or whereever that is on your system)

4. Enjoy. (If you use advanced search preferences, you might need to use "Edit Categories" to add citeseer to category "Web".)

If you want to search citations instead of documents, change that line in citeseer.src:

<INPUT NAME="submit" value="Search Documents">

Luke Gorrie - Re: Add citeseer to mozilla  blueArrow
11/9/2002; 8:23:57 AM (reads: 344, responses: 0)