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inactiveTopic Garbage collection in Ada?
started 11/12/2002; 2:48:32 PM - last post 11/13/2002; 12:33:54 AM
Michael Vanier - Garbage collection in Ada?  blueArrow
11/12/2002; 2:48:32 PM (reads: 209, responses: 1)
Hey, can any of you Ada experts tell me if there is support in Ada (either in the standard or in specific implementations) for garbage collection? I asked this on comp.lang.ada some time ago and was met by a deafening silence. My best guess is that Ada is not opposed to GC but that no current implementation actually supports it. Am I wrong?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Garbage collection in Ada?  blueArrow
11/13/2002; 12:33:54 AM (reads: 216, responses: 0)
Some implementation do support it. For example, implementations for the JVM (jGNAT for example).