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inactiveTopic Towards a Quantum Programming Language
started 11/16/2002; 4:24:57 AM - last post 11/16/2002; 4:24:57 AM
Ehud Lamm - Towards a Quantum Programming Language  blueArrow
11/16/2002; 4:24:57 AM (reads: 875, responses: 0)
Towards a Quantum Programming Language
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The field of quantum computation suffers from a lack of syntax. In the absence of a convenient programming language, algorithms are frequently expressed in terms of hardware circuits or Turing machines. Neither approach particularly encourages structured programming or abstractions such as data types. In this paper, we describe the syntax and semantics of a simple quantum programming language. This language provides high-level features such as loops, recursive procedures, and structured data types. It is statically typed, and it has an interesting denotational semantics in terms of complete partial orders of superoperators.

The paper begins with an overview of quantum computing, and the basic math needed, so you shouldn't be afraid if you are new to quantum computing.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 11/16/02; 4:25:13 AM