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inactiveTopic The point of (any) semantics
started 11/19/2002; 5:19:01 AM - last post 11/19/2002; 8:15:31 AM
Ehud Lamm - The point of (any) semantics  blueArrow
11/19/2002; 5:19:01 AM (reads: 1645, responses: 2)
The point of (any) semantics
Matthias Felleisen:

1. I have done my share of semantics.

2. I am doing my share of systems building.

3. And I really wish that I could say 1 and 2 are related...

A very interesting discussion. Be careful not to miss the continuation of the discussion (with a new title, but this is just thread aliasing.)

Posted to theory by Ehud Lamm on 11/19/02; 5:20:28 AM

todd - Re: The point of (any) semantics  blueArrow
11/19/2002; 8:09:45 AM (reads: 608, responses: 1)
Is there a way to prove that you have proved every thing you need to prove and that you have correctly proved the things you have thought you proved? There's always a possible failure mode. Doesn't mean the effort wasn't worth the while.

Ehud Lamm - Re: The point of (any) semantics  blueArrow
11/19/2002; 8:15:31 AM (reads: 660, responses: 0)
I think you are missing the point. The question is whether working on formal semantics directly helps with the design of languages and type systems.