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started 11/20/2002; 1:46:54 PM - last post 11/20/2002; 2:30:55 PM
Isaac Gouy - Psychology in Language Design  blueArrow
11/20/2002; 1:46:54 PM (reads: 237, responses: 2)
Sometimes we justify our preference for a particular programming language by it's naturalness or intuitiveness. I'm always bothered by this - when other people do it ;-)

So I was delighted to see that there are papers on Programming Language Design in the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG) Workshops. I'll resist the temptation to create a new topic for everything that was of interest to me, and just list a few topics here:

Evaluating a new programming language So Microsoft did do usability testing of C#!

The Science of Web-Programming Functional Programming in PHP

How do people check polymorphic types?

Gotos Considered Harmful and Other Programmersí Taboos

Ehud Lamm - Re: Psychology in Language Design  blueArrow
11/20/2002; 1:50:21 PM (reads: 253, responses: 0)
I think I linked to some of these in the past.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Psychology in Language Design  blueArrow
11/20/2002; 2:30:55 PM (reads: 257, responses: 0)
Sorry if that's the case. I do use search & via google to try and check if there's already been something on LtU.