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inactiveTopic GRAIL: a Zero'th programming language
started 11/21/2002; 10:51:30 AM - last post 11/21/2002; 10:51:30 AM
Isaac Gouy - GRAIL: a Zero'th programming language  blueArrow
11/21/2002; 10:51:30 AM (reads: 253, responses: 0)
Grail: A Zero'th Programming Language
The language, GRAIL, is designed to be used before the first programming course, to enable students to become familiar with programming concepts without the attendent need to grapple with the syntactic and semantic complexities of a full modern programming language.

Syntactic and Semantic Issues in Introductory Programming Education provides more detail: GRAIL was offered as an optional 8 hour pre-course, usability analysis of 15 programming languages, principled approach to designing a language for novices.

Part of this is available as Seven Deadly Sins of Introductory Programming Language Design.