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andrew cooke - Language testers wanted  blueArrow
1/4/2001; 11:54:50 AM (reads: 482, responses: 1)
Language testers wanted
...Curl Corporation is seeking members of the language communities to try our Surge(tm) product, now in beta release. [...] The object-oriented (OOPL) aspects of Curl are similar to Java, with the major additions of parameterized classes and closures. However, the design of Curl also supports integrated text formatting and 2D/3D/VR graphics (as in HTML, Flash and beyond)...
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andrew cooke - Re: Language testers wanted  blueArrow
1/4/2001; 11:58:08 AM (reads: 518, responses: 0)
Looks like it's implemented in Lisp (from the text of the email and the poster, who I think I've seen on c.l.lisp).