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inactiveTopic I feel like an idiot, but...
started 12/1/2002; 7:35:25 AM - last post 12/2/2002; 12:54:48 AM
Ehud Lamm - I feel like an idiot, but...  blueArrow
12/1/2002; 7:35:25 AM (reads: 322, responses: 2)
I am looking for a paper discussed here a couple of months ago. It used Haskell, to implement embedded languages, and showed how to transform the interpreter into a compiler for a simple stack machine. It was a short tutorial. I am not sure of anything else, but I remember I wanted to examine the paper more closely. Can anyone help me pinpoint exactly which paper it was?

Anton van Straaten - Re: I feel like an idiot, but...  blueArrow
12/1/2002; 11:40:11 AM (reads: 342, responses: 1)
Could you be thinking of Fold and Unfold for Program Semantics, from Oct 5? It uses Haskell, and expressions are compiled "into a list of instructions for execution using a stack."

Ehud Lamm - Re: I feel like an idiot, but...  blueArrow
12/2/2002; 12:54:48 AM (reads: 352, responses: 0)
Close but no cigar. Actually, when I was looking for the lost paper, I came back to this one, which is close. But this paper is more advanced than the one I am looking for (which I want to give to a student to read...)