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Ehud Lamm - Search and Imperative Programming  blueArrow
12/6/2002; 3:10:49 PM (reads: 1442, responses: 2)
Search and Imperative Programming
K. Apt, A. Schaerf, Search and Imperative Programming. Proceedings of POPL' 97, ACM, 1997

We augment the expressive power of imperative programming in order to make it a more attractive vehicle for problems that involve search. The proposed additions are limited yet powerful and are inspired by the logic programming paradigm.

I came across this paper while looking for a paper by Griswold I wanted to mention here (I was looking for an online copy that doesn't require an ACM Digital Library subscription), and indeed this paper mentions several language features available in Icon.

The proposal is basically for a form of goal directed evaluation: nondeterminism in the form of choice points and backtracing. Boolean expressions and statements are mixed, so that a false value indicates failure.

The paper contains many code examples that show how the proposed language features help solve various programming problems. It may be interesting to compare the code in the paper with solutions based on other search techniques.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Search and Imperative Programming  blueArrow
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Check this out!