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inactiveTopic Expresso, environment for ISO 10303-1
started 12/10/2002; 6:10:44 AM - last post 12/10/2002; 6:10:44 AM
bryan rasmussen - Expresso, environment for ISO 10303-1  blueArrow
12/10/2002; 6:10:44 AM (reads: 229, responses: 0)
NIST Expresso is a language environment for the ISO EXPRESS (ISO10303-11) and Express-X languages, providing tools to aid in the development and validation of EXPRESS information models and representative data sets.

Written in ANSI Common Lisp.

This site: is being superceded by a sourceforge site: the former has more complete info on the project.

This is my first post, supposed it might be interesting here, although it might also be somewhat esoteric stuff.