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started 12/12/2002; 10:20:39 AM - last post 12/27/2002; 9:57:48 AM
Isaac Gouy - Generics for C# and .Net CLR  blueArrow
12/12/2002; 10:20:39 AM (reads: 647, responses: 2)
The Design and Implementation of Generics for the .NET Common Language Runtime

Our design is very expressive, supporting parameterized types, polymorphic static, instance and virtual methods, “F-bounded” type parameters, instantiation at pointer and value types, polymorphic recursion, and exact run-time types. The implementation takes advantage of the dynamic nature of the runtime, performing justin- time type specialization, representation-based code sharing and novel techniques for efficient creation and use of run-time types.
Early performance results are encouraging and suggest that programmers will not need to pay an overhead for using generics, achieving performance almost matching hand-specialized code.

C# Generics in Rotor

Ehud Lamm - Re: Generics for C# and .Net CLR  blueArrow
12/12/2002; 3:06:45 PM (reads: 656, responses: 0)
LtU discussion.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Generics for C# and .Net CLR  blueArrow
12/27/2002; 9:57:48 AM (reads: 995, responses: 0)
Generic C# Sample Programs The following programs have been implemented in Generic C#:
  • A class hierarchy representing a tiny language of typed expressions

  • A convex hull algorithm

  • Converting regular expressions to deterministic finite automata

  • Several different interfaces to quicksort Generic collection classes

  • Creating and printing an index of word occurrences

  • A typed parser combinator library

  • Rings, complex numbers, and polynomials

  • Generic method memoization

  • A tricky example due to Erik Ernst