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Ehud Lamm - Embedding Sequence Analysis in FP  blueArrow
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Embedding Sequence Analysis in FP
R. Giegerich. Embedding Sequence Analysis in the Functional Programming Paradigm -- A Feasibility Study. Report Nr. 8, Technische Fakultat, Universitat Bielefeld, 1992.

The present paper is a first investigation of the hypothesis that a careful embedding of a sequence analysis system in the functional paradigm can significantly improve transparency, felxibility and desrciptive power.

These are obvious advantages of using a DSL (or should we say DSEL). However, the issue with all such embeddings is efficiency. This is not discussed in any detail in this paper.

There are two basic issues: First, compiling the DSL may improve performance. Second, the domain may direct you to algorithms, data structures and optimizations that, being domain specific, can influence the way DSL code is interpreted or compiled (e.g., using suffix trees for sequence comparisons).

Many of these issues are discussed in related papers.

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