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Bryn Keller - Project Timber  blueArrow
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Project Timber
Time as a basis for embedded real-time systems Project Timber is a research project at the OGI School of Science & Engineering at OHSU, and is part of the DARPA program on Program Composition for Embedded Systems (PCES).


  • Facilitate construction and analysis of high-assurance, and portable real-time systems from high-level descriptions
  • Allow dynamic adaptation: replace outright failure by Graceful Degradation
  • Reduce development and maintenance costs through reuse and composition
  • Exploit OGI expertise and experience in both:
    • QoS-aware, adaptive systems
    • Domain-specific languages: "language middleware"

Project Timber is host to several sub-projects, most notably the Timbot, a robot that they program with the Timber language, which seems to be a direct descendant of O'Haskell.
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