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started 12/30/2002; 3:26:52 PM - last post 12/31/2002; 1:24:11 PM
Bryn Keller - Vortex and Cecil  blueArrow
12/30/2002; 3:26:52 PM (reads: 1851, responses: 2)
Vortex and Cecil
We don't normally post news of compiler upgrades here, but this one seemed worth an exception - plus, we don't actually have a news item for Cecil or Vortex yet, just the occasional mention when Self or Dylan comes up.

I've made a release of our latest versions of Cecil and Vortex available off our project web page ( under the Software link. This release is mostly just a maintenance release, including many small improvements to the Vortex optimizer and the Cecil language and run-time system. An experimental implementation of interprocedural synchronization elimination has been added (see our SAS'99 paper and the follow-on journal article). Debugging support for Cecil has been improved, including analogues to gdb's next and finish. Cecil's parameterized type system has been refined. Support for the current version of Solaris (2.5.8) has been added. Plus many more small things accumulated over the past three years.

Happy Holidays!

-- Craig Chambers
Posted to implementation by Bryn Keller on 12/30/02; 3:29:06 PM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Vortex and Cecil  blueArrow
12/30/2002; 3:33:37 PM (reads: 679, responses: 0)
I think the project was mentioned here, but it was indeed a long time ago.

Ryan Daum - Re: Vortex and Cecil  blueArrow
12/31/2002; 1:24:11 PM (reads: 635, responses: 0)
Cecil sounds great, but the Linux binaries have been broken on every system I've tried it on:

bin/linux/cecil: relocation error: bin/linux/cecil: symbol __libc_stack_end, version GLIBC_2.1 not defined in file with link time reference

This is under a Debian install with ld-linux-2.3.1 in /lib

Has anybody had any better luck?