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Ehud Lamm - NESL: A Parallel Programming Language  blueArrow
1/5/2003; 3:56:44 AM (reads: 1036, responses: 1)
NESL: A Parallel Programming Language
"NESL is a parallel language developed at Carnegie Mellon by the SCandAL project. It integrates various ideasfrom the theory community (parallel algorithms), the languages community (functional languages) and the system's community (many of the implementation techniques). The most important new ideas behind NESL are

  1. Nested data parallelism: this feature offers the benefits of data parallelism, concise code that is easy to understand and debug, while being well suited for irregular algorithms, such as algorithms on trees, graphs or sparse matrices.
  2. A language based performance model: this gives a formal way to calculated the work and depth of a program. These measures can be related to running time on parallel machines."

The basic construct in NESL is the parallel apply-to-each, which is esentially a parallel version of our old friend, the list comprehension. NESL supports nested parallelism by allowing parallel functions inside apply-to-each.

The tutorial is nice, and don't overlook the reading list.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: NESL: A Parallel Programming Language  blueArrow
1/6/2003; 12:17:17 PM (reads: 468, responses: 0)
Do any of the parallel Haskells out there use this approach? It should work, since Haskell is a pure language.