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Algebra of Logic Programming
Silvija Seres, Michael J. Spivey, C.A.R. Hoare. Algebra of Logic Programming. ICLP'99. November 1999.

This is the sequel to the Embedding Prolog into Haskell paper.

Three models or serarch strategies are analyzed: a stream model (standard), a matrix model (BFS) and a forest model (the general model).

Several algerbraic laws are introduced, and can be proven using the standard techniques used by the functional programming community.

Sections 6 and 7 require knowledge of some category theory (mainly monads and the notion of morphisms). Using this framework the authors show that the forest model is indeed more general than the other two models, and shows the morphisms from the forest monad to the stream and matrix monads.

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The authors mention that they want to show that Forest+ is an initial algerba for logic programming. What this result ever established and published?