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started 1/7/2003; 7:14:47 AM - last post 1/7/2003; 7:14:47 AM
Isaac Gouy - Alice released ML+Oz+  blueArrow
1/7/2003; 7:14:47 AM (reads: 576, responses: 0)
First release of Alice programming system announced on Mozart/Oz list.

Alice is a functional programming language bridging the gap
between the statically typed, functional world of ML and the
dynamically typed world of concurrent constraint programming as
found in Oz. Alice combines the most appreciated features from
both worlds.

>From Standard ML it inherits: Functional core language seamless higher-order functional programming in a well-established syntax Polymorphic type system strong static typing with automatic type inference Higher-order modules parameterization and encapsulation via type abstraction Simplicity high expressiveness with few orthogonal language constructs Compatibility access to a large pool of libraries and introductory literature

>From Oz it inherits: Futures laziness and light-weight concurrency with implicit dataflow synchronisation Components platform-independent higher-order persistence and lazy dynamic linking Distribution network transparent mobility with fault tolerance Constraints concurrent constraints and programmable search for combinatorical problems Interactive tools browsers for data structures and search spaces Interoperability application development in mixed ML/Oz environment

Alice also provides features not found in either language: Promises safer "logic variables" with separated read/write view Runtime typing type-safe linking, persistence and inter-process communication Packages typeful modules as first-class values