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started 8/13/2000; 12:16:10 AM - last post 8/15/2000; 11:14:04 AM
andrew cooke - OCaml book online  blueArrow
8/13/2000; 12:16:10 AM (reads: 618, responses: 3)
OCaml book online
Speaking of OCaml, the full text for the O'Reilly OCaml book (pity the Camel is on the Perl cover!) is online (in French). Does anyone know if this will be translated to English?
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Chris Rathman - Re: OCaml book online  blueArrow
8/15/2000; 9:26:11 AM (reads: 754, responses: 2)
Can't read a lick of French, but I am kind of interested in the O'Caml book so I thought I'd set up a temporary page to link the book and

I modified the links within the contents page to filter through the translation. Note: the links within the translated pages will still point to the french language version. You'll just have to use the back button and the contents page.

andrew cooke - Re: OCaml book online  blueArrow
8/15/2000; 9:37:36 AM (reads: 731, responses: 1)
Brilliant! Thanks very much (there's a "but" coming up...).

Unfortunately, though, it doesn't work for me - it looks as though the page might require a style sheet ( that isn't readable (so I see a witty, but rather frustrating, error message instead of the translation).

If you can get this to work I'll add a comment on the front page next time I add a news item (or you can, if you've got access).

Sorry this is a reply here, but I can't find your email address from either the data here or your web page (I'm only a contributing editor - I can't get to whatever registration details that might be stored away somewhere).

Thanks again, Andrew

PS After posting this I've seen how to get your email address! Will email you now... Sorry!

Chris Rathman - Re: OCaml book online  blueArrow
8/15/2000; 11:14:04 AM (reads: 768, responses: 0)
Whoops. Forgot to change the link for the style sheet. Let me know if you still can't get the page to display.

freetranslation is kind of a rough translator but it does do unlimited translations. Usually, babelfish does a better job, but it's got that arbitrary page length limit. Anyhow, you can usually figure out the text, though it's not totally smooth.

BTW, my e-mail is