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inactiveTopic The MLton Survey
started 1/8/2003; 11:24:16 AM - last post 1/8/2003; 11:24:16 AM
Brent Fulgham - The MLton Survey  blueArrow
1/8/2003; 11:24:16 AM (reads: 175, responses: 0)
MLton is a whole-program optimizing Standard ML (SML) compiler, currently limited to X86 machines with Linux, FreeBSD, or Cygwin/Windows.

MLton produces extremely small and fast executables (compared to SML/NJ, Poly/ML, Moscow ML, and MLKit), however it does not provide an interactive terminal (REPL) due to its whole-program compilation strategy.

The MLton team is anticipating a new release in February 2003, and is soliciting feedback on what the development community feels are important features and tools.

Please take a minute to provide your input.