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inactiveTopic The D programming language
started 1/12/2003; 7:02:53 PM - last post 1/14/2003; 7:19:14 AM
Michael Vanier - The D programming language  blueArrow
1/12/2003; 7:02:53 PM (reads: 1406, responses: 2)
The D programming language
D is a new general-purpose language, very much in the same space as java and C#, but more oriented towards the traditional compile/link cycle (no JIT, no VM, no emphasis on portability). It's an attempt to learn from the problems with C++ without radically changing the compilation environment. The language looks interesting; it has some nice features that neither java or C# have (e.g. it's borrowed design by contract from Eiffel and it has generic types). It's still way too early to use for serious work, but is worth watching. One use of this language might be for projects which have more stringent performance requirements than java or C# programs usually do, but which could benefit from a more safety-conscious environment.
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Dan Moniz - Re: The D programming language  blueArrow
1/14/2003; 12:44:34 AM (reads: 739, responses: 0)
I'm glad someone posted about D -- I should have done it long ago! I've been playing with D off and on (more off than on) since a friend alerted me to it back in June 2002. It's definitely an interesting re-design of the ideas behind C++ by people who know C++ compilers: Walter Bright, prime instigator/inventor of D, is behind some of the best C and C++ compilers.

For a neat display of D's power, check out the work-in-progress Win32 API wrapper:

James Hague - Re: The D programming language  blueArrow
1/14/2003; 7:19:14 AM (reads: 734, responses: 0)
What separates D from some other early language designs is that there's a moving-toward-production compiler already available for it. Usually there's toy interpreter for playing with (as there is for Joy, for example), but changes to the D spec are being implemented in a pretty good compiler as they occur. That D is not unlike C++ and the author has been writing C++ compilers for over a decade helps with this :)