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Ehud Lamm - Introduction to Managed C++  blueArrow
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Introduction to Managed C++
Managed Extensions for C++ are extensions to the Visual C++ compiler and language to allow them to create .NET code and enable access to the functionality of the .NET Framework. They include a set of Keywords and Attributes to extend the C++ language to work with, and generate, managed code. There are also some additional Pragmas, Pre-processor Directives, and Options for the Compiler, as well as some Linker Options. The first interesting thing to notice is that the Managed Extensions use C++ keywords and syntax, but they follow .NET rules for types and facilities. This creates, in effect, a language within a language.

Sam Gentile is writing a three article series on Managed C++.

I think it is obvious why we need to know about MC++, this being a Microsoft world and all.

From a more technical point of view, it is worth keeping in mind that much as we may approve of VM based language platforms, there are still many reasons for using native code. Thus, the ability to mix and match is very important, even though it introduces its own set of difficulties.

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