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Dan Moniz - Elle  blueArrow
1/14/2003; 1:27:50 AM (reads: 1691, responses: 5)
From Reginald Braithwaite-Lee, as anounced on ll1-discuss:
Somewhat inspired by Todd's talk at LL1, I wrote up some thoughts I had about a 'disruptive' programming language.

The target users are the many people who have jobs or contracts building Intranet and Internet applications for businesses but would prefer to build them with a lightweight language.

FWIW, my early proof of concept experiments include a macro facility. ;-)

and from the web site:
"Elle" is an extension of the Java programming language and environment for building Intranet and Internet applications. Elle is for individuals and small teams that are under pressure to deliver robust business applications with quick turnaround.

The "Todd" mentioned is Todd Proebsting, Manager of the Programming Language Systems group of Microsoft Research, who actually spoke at LL2 this past year. The joke about macros refers to Todd's arguments against them (PowerPoint Presentation).
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Michael Vanier - Re: Elle  blueArrow
1/14/2003; 9:26:35 AM (reads: 527, responses: 0)
I found this discussion quite odd, given that the language in question is pure vaporware.

Biep - Re: Elle  blueArrow
1/18/2003; 7:25:32 AM (reads: 418, responses: 0)
I have a hypothesis:

Microsoft does not innovate. If other companies do, they will stay behind, and eventually lose. So, their solution: hire all innovative computer scientists, and let them work in groups such as this Programming Language Systems group from which nothing productive ever reaches the world outside. That way there will be no innovation anywhere, and Microsoft will keep its market edge.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Elle  blueArrow
1/18/2003; 9:37:51 AM (reads: 420, responses: 0)
The Elle gedanken language discussion was enough, now we're well into newsgroup land.