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inactiveTopic Anti-Java Article
started 1/8/2001; 2:37:42 PM - last post 1/9/2001; 8:50:54 PM
Zach Garner - Anti-Java Article  blueArrow
1/8/2001; 2:37:42 PM (reads: 1023, responses: 2)
Simson Garfinkel has an anti-java article on Salon.

It definitely will not convince anyone here of anything... but, its there to read.

andrew cooke - Re: Anti-Java Article  blueArrow
1/9/2001; 11:35:39 AM (reads: 1060, responses: 0)
Thanks for the pointer. When I read your comment ("It definitely will not convince anyone here of anything") I thought "hmmm - I don't think Java is the world's greatest language" and suspected I might prove you wrong and agree with it.

BUT. Bleagh! This is the first time I've heard anyone claim that Java is fast(*)! OK, criticise excessive hype, but don't rewrite history...

Later Java seems to be attacked because poor programmers can write bad code in it - as if Java is supposed to teach you to code. He seems to be confusing designing a language that supports "modern" programming practices with one that somehow guarantees (1) that those practices will be followed and (2) that doing so will produce good code.

Then he claims adding GC to C/C++ is "fairly trivial". If he can dash of a good GC implementation for C/C++ in his sleep then he should stop writing articles and start making money.

On a slightly different level - if this is the kind of journalism that Salon accepts (Salon's pretty famous, isn't it?) then surely it should be easy to get something a bit better informed published. Or is it more that you have to write stuff like this ("controversial" and simple is more important than sensible or clear?) to get published?


PS There's another article (more technical) that takes a critical look at Java here.

(*)The examples he gives of a Sun executive claiming it's fast prove my point - Sun was trying to react to the massive amount of criticism that Java has always had for its (lack of) speed.

PPS Your name is familiar - have you posted at Forum 5 in the past? If so - hi!

Zach Garner - Re: Anti-Java Article  blueArrow
1/9/2001; 8:50:54 PM (reads: 1063, responses: 0)
The guy who wrote it, Simson Garfinkel, seems to be given a fairly low opinion by most of the people on the net (quick search on google gives a number of mailling list archive posts and such). He seems to be a standard Computer Journalist.

I wouldn't really blame salon for the quality of the article (though, they do set quality standards for what they publish). I've read very few good tech articles from mainstream news sites (Salon, CNN, NY Times, etc). Its just business, more people will get something (regardless of how little) out of the salon article than will even see the critique you gave. But, the critique you mentioned (having only read a little of it) is much, much better. It just apeals to fewer people...

PS: Yeah, I've been on generation5/forum5 for a while. I've posted to lamba a few times in the past. And i was/am a part of the Ummon project (I think you were contacted by Miroslav Rajcic about joining the project at some point). Actually, I think it was one of your posts on the forum that led me to this site..