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Ehud Lamm - ESSLLI 2003 - 18-29 August  blueArrow
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ESSLLI 2003 - 18-29 August
The 15th European Summer School in Logic Language and Information will take place August 18-29 in Vienna.

One of the traditions of LtU is to mention this event every year (or, to be exact, for Ken to mention this event every year).

Mostly oriented towards natural languages, the summer schools usually offers courses that are focused on computational aspects. Aside from that, we often find courses on topics that are more directly related to programing languages.

A few examples:

I, perosnally, am very interested in the topics of the Language Evolution and Computation course. It should interest the other LtU regulars who are interested in theoretical approaches to biology.

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re the development of language, see this.