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inactiveTopic Using Redundancies to Find Errors
started 1/23/2003; 2:19:32 AM - last post 1/24/2003; 8:33:36 AM
Noel Welsh - Using Redundancies to Find Errors  blueArrow
1/23/2003; 2:19:32 AM (reads: 1318, responses: 2)
Using Redundancies to Find Errors

From the abstract:

This paper explores the idea that redundant operations, like type errors, commonly flag correctness errors. We experimentally test this idea by writing and applying four redundancy checkers to the Linux operating system, finding many errors. We then use these errors to demonstrate that redundancies, even when harmless, strongly correlate with the presence of traditional hard errors (e.g., null pointer deferences, unreleased locks). Finally we show that flagging redundant operations gives a way to make specifications "fail stop" by detecting dangerous omisssions.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: Using Redundancies to Find Errors  blueArrow
1/24/2003; 6:08:43 AM (reads: 440, responses: 0)
So, pratically speaking, this paper is simply an argument in favor of compiler warnings, right?

Noel Welsh - Re: Using Redundancies to Find Errors  blueArrow
1/24/2003; 8:33:36 AM (reads: 433, responses: 0)
Well, few compilers do the advanced static analyses they used in the paper. And they actually have statistical analysis to back up their argument, which is somewhat unusual in the CS field.