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Ehud Lamm - JOVIAL  blueArrow
1/10/2001; 3:05:55 AM (reads: 776, responses: 2)
JOVIAL was mentioned on comp.lang.ada a few days ago, so I thought I'd mention it here and see what responses I get...

It seems that quite a lot of JOVIAL code is still out there, running such trivial things as flight control software. I guess most of the code is in the USAF and its contractors.

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Chris Rathman - Re: JOVAIL  blueArrow
1/10/2001; 7:57:46 AM (reads: 809, responses: 0)
Back in the mid '80s, I lived a half mile from the General Dynamics plant that built the F-16. Jovial was a highly demanded skill for the area at the time. I worked in embedded systems but I was in the oil industry where Assembly Languages, C and Pascal were more dominant.

As for Jovial, I gather that it's an Algol derivative which caters to real-time development. I can't seem to find any language references, much less examples, that are available on the web. I suppose a lot of the Jovial development is classified material where the programmers are not allowed to post their work.

I also gather that the Air Force was never too eager about making the specs for the language become common knowledge - probably treating compiler knowledge along the lines they treat encryption these days (as a weapon).

Ehud Lamm - Re: JOVAIL  blueArrow
1/10/2001; 8:22:04 AM (reads: 803, responses: 0)
Best I could find is this code fragment. Doesn't look too sexy...

A bit more information, but not much, can be found here.