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inactiveTopic XSL: 99 Bottles of Beer
started 1/10/2001; 12:16:07 PM - last post 1/12/2001; 4:23:56 AM
Chris Rathman - XSL: 99 Bottles of Beer  blueArrow
1/10/2001; 12:16:07 PM (reads: 527, responses: 3)
XSL: 99 Bottles of Beer
I couldn't find the Jovial entry on the 99 Bottles web page. While there, I also noticed the lack of an XSL entry. Under the category of recreational programming, I figured it just had to be done. :-)

Speaking of recreational programs written in a number of languages, I also stumbled upon The Quine Page. "A quine is a program that generates a copy of its own source text as its complete output."
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andrew cooke - Re: XSL: 99 Bottles of Beer  blueArrow
1/12/2001; 2:27:51 AM (reads: 539, responses: 0)
I've just found out that Quine died on 25th December. What I've read of his work was very interesting (not surprisingly, given that self-describing programs are named after him, his work was concerned with language and meaning). More info here (I just picked up the news via a note at A&L Daily).

Ehud Lamm - Re: XSL: 99 Bottles of Beer  blueArrow
1/12/2001; 3:12:20 AM (reads: 538, responses: 0)
Quine was a major philosopher. His primary field was ontology, but his early mathematical work (set theory etc.) was also significant.

For the general reader I highly recommend Quiddities. This a fun book, with short pieces ordered alphabetically, on various subjects. A memorable entry is on the idea of a universal library (ala Borges).

I really recommend you check it out.

andrew cooke - Re: XSL: 99 Bottles of Beer  blueArrow
1/12/2001; 4:23:56 AM (reads: 542, responses: 0)
Thanks - I'll check it out. I've read Pursuit of Truth which is a summary of his work (from later on, when he was a bit more moderate about science). Can't say I undertood everything, though. (Oh, and also whatever is included in Pojman - an excellent book (apart from the bits by Pojman which are sometimes a bit insular - I think he compiled it for students at West Point, which might explain why))