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inactiveTopic SXSLT presentation, types, and XQuery
started 2/5/2003; 6:44:41 AM - last post 2/5/2003; 6:44:41 AM
Ehud Lamm - SXSLT presentation, types, and XQuery  blueArrow
2/5/2003; 6:44:41 AM (reads: 1007, responses: 0)
SXSLT presentation, types, and XQuery
I have just returned from PADL/POPL in New Orleans. [The] PADL presentation SXSLT: Manipulation Language for XML is available online. Quite unexpectedly, the presentation stirred a lively debate on the eternal question of static vs. dynamic typing.

Somehow everything seems to be about typing these days...

Type are important in that they help us specify and verify computational properties of code. Deciding which properties are important to reason about is not as trivial as you may think. This discussion explores this issue, by asking how and why should XML be typed.

Editors, please find some links about topics other than typing. We are dying here...

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