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started 1/11/2001; 8:51:52 AM - last post 1/13/2001; 9:18:25 AM
Ehud Lamm - ACM Classic of the Month  blueArrow
1/11/2001; 8:51:52 AM (reads: 872, responses: 2)
ACM Classic of the Month
This is old, and no longer maintained, but it contains some great sutff so I thought I'd put the link here, for those who haven't seen it yet.

These are some ACM classic papers. Included are Parnas on information hiding, Dijkstra on GoTo and about synchronization, and Wirth on structured programming and more!
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Kaushik - Re: ACM Classic of the Month  blueArrow
1/12/2001; 6:53:37 AM (reads: 911, responses: 0)
I recently started to read ACM Turing Award Lectures : The First Twent Years : 1966 to 1985. Wonderful stuff!


Ehud Lamm - Re: ACM Classic of the Month  blueArrow
1/13/2001; 9:18:25 AM (reads: 918, responses: 0)
I agree. I think they should be required reading...

Great things for us language lovers (Iverson on APL, Backus on FP, Ritchie etc.)

I had a feeling the were all online somewehre, requiring an ACM Digital Library subscription. I wasn't able to find them.