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started 2/8/2003; 10:25:32 AM - last post 2/9/2003; 4:49:36 AM
Ehud Lamm - Partial Evaluation (slides)  blueArrow
2/8/2003; 10:25:32 AM (reads: 1678, responses: 2)
Partial Evaluation (slides)
A quick introduction to partial evaluation.

A nice touch is the discussion of the Futamura Projections, and compiling by partial evaluation.

The following set of slides from the same course goes into more detail, covering binding time annotation and specialization.

Posted to implementation by Ehud Lamm on 2/8/03; 10:29:09 AM

Michael Vanier - Re: Partial Evaluation (slides)  blueArrow
2/8/2003; 2:48:23 PM (reads: 510, responses: 0)
Thanks for the links, Ehud! I am of the opinion that partial evaluation will be one of the next big things in programming. It's hard to imagine any non-trivial application that couldn't use PE to some extent.

Martin Bravenboer - Re: Partial Evaluation (slides)  blueArrow
2/9/2003; 4:49:36 AM (reads: 495, responses: 0)
The slides from this part of the course (Introduction to Software Technology) are the introduction to the Program Transformation course where the students are now working on the implementation of a partial evaluator for Tiger in Stratego.

This implementation is based on the implementation of constant propagation and inlining for Tiger in Stratego.