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inactiveTopic and its review site updated.
started 2/9/2003; 2:07:19 AM - last post 2/9/2003; 2:07:19 AM
water - and its review site updated.  blueArrow
2/9/2003; 2:07:19 AM (reads: 890, responses: 0)

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the Tunes project, which has held some dubious distinctions for the last several years, most of which do not include code or even a working specification.

Well, this all is changing. I have taken a very active lead role in the project, offloading all those programming language and concept reviews into a CLiki, at This contains coverage of the interesting concepts that the 'blog users here have come to appreciate, as well as being a repository for programming language and operating systems coverage, all fairly-coherently linked. There is also a section for tutorials on the important subjects that we address.

Now, this is not just a new website for the sake of a website. I have also taken pains to organize the body of Tunes documentation into a workable and expanded form, and will continue to do so until we have a working system to simply provide a manual for. I have in particular taken effort to distinguish the political from the technical; in that respect, you will almost never see the two intermingled as they have been in the past. There are also some interesting new concepts, but they are certainly not fully-detailed yet; there are most certainly more to come which are in preparation stages.

Finally, the longstanding interest in this weblog by our membership will be honored. I have been collecting the prime resources pointed out here onto the project wiki, and I certainly welcome you to use the site and add to it, with the respectful request that language advocacy and politics stay very neutral and passive. The purpose of the wiki is to provide a flexible basis for the effort (primarily via citations and succinct descriptions which are useful to us) of bringing together the Tunes development, not for cataloging discussions or recording everyone's opinion on some matter. Tunes has, in the past, been a magnet for some rather "varied" opinions, and my assumption of responsibility involves maintaining some focus for the site.

Having said that, please enjoy our site, and thanks for the great information and discussions provided here! :)