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Ehud Lamm - This here being a community weblog...  blueArrow
2/10/2003; 3:00:12 AM (reads: 775, responses: 0)
This here being a community weblog...
LtU's best feature is the diverse and eclectic group of individuals contributing links and insights, both on the home page and in the discussion group.

Alas, it seems that many of the contributing editors are too busy with real life (silly them) to contribute as much as they and us would like.

To remedy this situation I decided to recruit new memebers to the "editorial board."

Being a LtU editor isn't such a great job, we don't even have a health plan. However, it allows you to post news items (i.e., links) directly to the home page.

All editors must be dedicated to techincal and, where appropriate, academic excellence. And they must also be programming language buffs, of course.

Since some LtU departments are in need of more attention than others, being neglected by the current crowd, I would especially appreciate the help of people interested in Logic/Declerative langauges, OOP languages, and theory (e.g., semantics, LC etc.)

So if you want to Be All That You Can Be, let me know and I'll sign you up.

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