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started 2/16/2003; 12:45:04 AM - last post 2/16/2003; 1:45:19 AM
Ehud Lamm - Learning Haskell portal  blueArrow
2/16/2003; 12:45:04 AM (reads: 2323, responses: 2)
Learning Haskell portal
I don't often link to language specific sites, especially those oriented towards beginners. However, Haskell being the functional language of choice around here I thought it might be appropriate to mention this resource.

Posted to functional by Ehud Lamm on 2/16/03; 12:46:03 AM

Martin Bravenboer - Re: Learning Haskell portal  blueArrow
2/16/2003; 1:41:41 AM (reads: 614, responses: 1)
Did you notice the "important message" on top of the page? ;) . This is the location of the portal:

Ehud Lamm - Re: Learning Haskell portal  blueArrow
2/16/2003; 1:45:19 AM (reads: 656, responses: 0)
Sorry about that. I fixed the link in the original message.