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inactiveTopic Jungerl: A jungle of Erlang code
started 2/24/2003; 3:01:39 AM - last post 2/26/2003; 2:40:01 PM
Ehud Lamm - Jungerl: A jungle of Erlang code  blueArrow
2/24/2003; 3:01:39 AM (reads: 1330, responses: 2)
Jungerl: A jungle of Erlang code
Luke Gorrie: I've created a new sourceforge project called the 'jungerl': "A Primeval Jungle of Erlang code". It is quite simply a new CVS tree that I have added many of the existing Erlang User Contributions to, and that anyone who wishes can have full developer access on.

I am not really sure whether something like this can possibly work (is CVS enough to control such a mess?), but seeing as I am interested in language communities, I thought I'd mention it.

And yes, you guess it. Erlang is on my radar at the moment, beacuse a student is learning erlang and writing an erlang tutorial.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 2/24/03; 3:02:49 AM

Luke Gorrie - Re: Jungerl: A jungle of Erlang code  blueArrow
2/25/2003; 12:12:49 AM (reads: 513, responses: 0)
It will be interesting to see how it works out. I have high hopes, mostly based on how well Wiki's have worked out with small communities. I think the size of the Erlang-hacker community is currently near-optimal. No way would Jungerl scale if Erlang approached Java-like popularity, but god willing that will never happen :-)

I do think that CVS can play its part admirably, and the real challenge is for we Erlang hackers to keep the code clean. Infact, cvs-wise, I think the Jungerl will be very light work compared with our CVS tree at work, with its full-time hackers and release-branches and all that scary stuff!

There are some more airy-fairy thoughts on Jungerl in the mailing list announcement and its followups.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Jungerl: A jungle of Erlang code  blueArrow
2/26/2003; 2:40:01 PM (reads: 441, responses: 0)
The size of a community is an important factor.

I wonder if there's any research, perhaps historical, on how language communities evolve over time, including how the size of the community influences decisions and behaviour.

This sorr of research is also relevant to the question discussed here recently of moving innovation from academia to industry, or indeed marketing language innovation in general.