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inactiveTopic Clean now available under LGPL license
started 2/26/2003; 4:45:29 PM - last post 2/26/2003; 4:45:29 PM
Lennon Day-Reynolds - Clean now available under LGPL license  blueArrow
2/26/2003; 4:45:29 PM (reads: 2251, responses: 0)
Clean now available under LGPL license
This isn't exactly "hot off the presses," as the change happened concurrently with the most recent release in December of last year, but it's welcome regardless: the latest release of the Clean functional language is now available under either an LGPL or commercial license, removing the previous non-commercial restriction on the freely-downloadable version.

Clean is another in the Haskell/Miranda family of lazy functional languages, but has a number of interesting features: an integrated proof system, full native application support including a standard GUI library under Windows, and support for Dynamics, a framework for serializable, dynamically typechecked expressions.
Posted to functional by Lennon Day-Reynolds on 2/26/03; 4:49:53 PM