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started 7/29/2000; 12:11:57 PM - last post 7/30/2000; 1:32:53 PM
Ehud Lamm - Surveys  blueArrow
7/29/2000; 12:11:57 PM (reads: 585, responses: 2)
Two surveys:

  1. What's your programming paradigm of choice?
  2. Is C# going to kill Java?

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andrew cooke - Re: Surveys  blueArrow
7/30/2000; 12:10:31 PM (reads: 707, responses: 1)
Ah! Unless I completely missed this box earlier, people have to login before they can post (in case anyone is wondering, as I was, how to do so).

Anyway, I clicked Other (on the paradigm of choice poll) because I was thinking of Oz in particular and unfied (for want of a better term) languages in general (someone is pushing anothe ron comp.lang.misc). If anyone hasn't had a look at Oz have a peek at - the download includes excellent tutorials and demo code. The language unifies declarative, functional and oop languages....

Good luck with the blog, Andrew

Ehud Lamm - Re: Surveys  blueArrow
7/30/2000; 1:32:53 PM (reads: 755, responses: 0)
First, let me put the Oz link as a URL, so lazy people (as opposed to lazy languages) will just have to click...

The problem with choosing "other" or talking about "unified languages," is that this give little or no information (I think). Notice I didn't ask "what paradigm is best" because this is pretty pointless (good for what, and for what reasons?). I asked what people like best. For example when I chose generic programming, it is not beacuse Ada is a great language - it is because when I use Ada I like the generic facility. I also like templates in C++ much more than I like the language as a whole.

It just appeals to my asthetic sense.