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Ehud Lamm - 6000 messages ago  blueArrow
3/4/2003; 6:26:11 AM (reads: 969, responses: 3)
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The previous item was the 6000th message on LtU. Now that's a handful!

LtU was born around 950 days ago (well, 949, but who is counting?)

Doing the math, I discovered that we average around 6.3 messages/day, with a new post every 3.7 hours.

Now, this isn't what amazes me.

The amazing thing is the amount of valuable information I find here day after day.

So go and have a drink to celebrate the LtU community, our very own programming language community on the web!

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 3/4/03; 6:28:55 AM

Michael Vanier - Re: 6000 messages ago  blueArrow
3/4/2003; 8:21:13 PM (reads: 541, responses: 1)
Congratulations, Ehud! And thanks for creating and maintaining the coolest blog on the internet (in my humble opinion ;-)).

Ehud Lamm - Re: 6000 messages ago  blueArrow
3/5/2003; 7:19:05 AM (reads: 550, responses: 0)
Thanks, Michael!

Luke Gorrie - Re: 6000 messages ago  blueArrow
3/5/2003; 3:48:06 PM (reads: 484, responses: 0)
950 days? Bugger, I'd been saying "Why isn't there a 'slashdot' for programmers?" for most of that time, before finding this place :-)