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Ehud Lamm - A Survey Of Rewriting Strategies  blueArrow
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A Survey Of Rewriting Strategies
Eelco Visser. A Survey of Rewriting Strategies in Program Transformation Systems. Draft. February 23, 2003 (Submitted for publication)

Program transformation is used in a wide range of applications including compiler construction, optimization, program synthesis, refactoring, software renovation, and reverse engineering. In the realization of a program transformation system for a certain type of transformation, design choices must be made regarding the representation of programs and the paradigm for implementation of transformations. This paper gives a taxonomy of the application areas of program transformation, discusses considerations to be made in the implementation of program transformation systems, especially focussing on the specification of transformation strategies.

A nice taxonomy of program transformations is presented, as well as a set of program transformation paradigms (e.g., simple tree parsing, term rewriting, rewriting with traversal functions).

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