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inactiveTopic Scheme & Lisp Language War
started 1/14/2001; 6:54:43 PM - last post 1/19/2001; 2:30:16 PM
Chris Rathman - Scheme & Lisp Language War  blueArrow
1/14/2001; 6:54:43 PM (reads: 719, responses: 3)
Scheme & Lisp Language War
Being on the outside looking in, I find it hard to understand why there's so much heat in this thread, but I thought I'd make a general observation about the language wars I've seen lately.

Language wars always seem to break out in programming languages that are relatively close to each other, be it Scheme/Lisp, APL/J, VB/Delpi, Java/Smalltalk, Objective-C/C++, Python/Perl, etc... They also seem to be touched off by some newbie coming in and asking which language is better.

Not that the above link is worth reading, though there are a couple of things buried in all the dust. Just thought it was an opportunity to make a comment, given that many discussions of programming languages end up being killed by useless bantering. Fortunately it's fairly peaceful around these parts. :-)
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Scheme & Lisp Language War  blueArrow
1/15/2001; 12:28:51 PM (reads: 619, responses: 0)
Wars are bad, intelligent discussions can be ineteresting...

Chris Rathman - Re: Scheme & Lisp Language War  blueArrow
1/17/2001; 11:49:27 AM (reads: 596, responses: 0)
Ran across an article that might be applicable: Things to Say When You're Losing a Technical Argument :-)

Ehud Lamm - Re: Scheme & Lisp Language War  blueArrow
1/19/2001; 2:30:16 PM (reads: 589, responses: 0)
And see this (on Wiki).